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Before August 3&4 , 2013♥


This might be early, but because I want to help incoming senior students to boost up their confidence; I will do this. 

If you’ll read my last blogs, (that’s quite a long time ago). You will know what I have done before the UPCAT and what I did after the results are out. If you’re interested, then you can check it out :)

Here are my personal tips for you before UPCAT:) (After reading this, I will have a short message for you)

1. Do not take risk of getting to a battle without a gun! This will give you a critical chance to get in to your desired campus or UP itself. So review! But reviewing for teenagers might be boring and tiresome for the brain. Don’t stress out yourself! Have a time for you to relax :) You have to ‘brood’ and meditate. Looking at greeneries such as trees, plants and flowers are proven to help us execute relaxation. You can’t study with a much worn out brain. Remember that. 

You have 2 options here:

a) Apply to a review center. To be honest, this will require a huge pocket capacity. This will give you pillars of confidence against your competitors. You will be given test papers with questions (YOU DON’T SAY? Ha-ha!)  But, just a piece of kind words. Not applying for review center will not be a hindrance for  ‘getting in’ in UP. It will just add up the chance but it will not decrease the like-hood of passing UPCAT. Plus, it will also not guarantee your admission to any UP campus :) 

I don’t know but I guess Brain Train is a good choice when it comes to review center.

b)Self-review. This is what I did (Weeeh?). Haha. I have a short self-review for myself but I ended up surfing the internet and watching K-POP videos (SNSD, SuJu-I’m a SONE ♥). If you’re planning to do what I did, just kindly read the missive after number ☺Okay, hoping back to our topic; you can use this.

i)Books. UPCAT is an exam wherein topics in you 1st year to 4th year are expected. But I’m telling you; never memorize the 6 trigonometric identities decimal equivalence. Just a glitch, you must be more particular in familiarizing the 30⁰, 45⁰ and 60⁰ angles.

I highly recommend MSA Books :)

(Endorser teh! XD)

ii)Sites. You can use these in your self-review JI strongly suggest this site à I personally used this site as my review site :) There are short quizzes there that are most likely parallel to some of the questions in the UPCAT :)

iii)Youtube video aids. You can have your online teacher there  :)  Just listen, don’t mind the accent of the one who’s talking :p This is the YouTube site that I used.  Don’t be afraid to try other user’s videos :)
(Optional: Don’t review. LOL.)

2.Okay, so you do have now a good review. Now, you have to be careful when filling out your UPCAT forms. It is better if you will never have any erasures.

a) Campus. Before thinking about quota or non-quota courses, you should first mind the campus. Dredge up in mind that before entering a course in UP, you must FIRST enter a campus. You will opt to choose two campuses in the UP System (Baguio, Los Baños, Diliman, Manila, Open University, Diliman Extension Program in Pampanga,  Cebu, Tacloban, Visayas and Mindanao). Diliman and Manila are best known campuses that’s why they have the highest campus cut-offs. I’m telling you, putting this two together is a very critical move, just saying. If you mind, I strongly suggest just picking one of the two and choosing the other one among the rest. (i.e. UP Diliman – UP Manila × , UP Diliman-UP Los Baños √) Just a suggestion. If you think you’re smart enough to take the risk then what do we have to loose? Nothing :p

b) Course. You will also be opt to choose two of your desired course (Of course! You don’t say -_-) I guess you are familiar with the quota and the otherwise course isn’t? Visit this site 
But according to what I have read; there are no more quota and non-quota courses, read this again

There are courses that are highly in-demand (Most Engineering Courses, BS Accountancy, end of thinking capacity LOLOLOL) and otherwise (BS Mathematics, Elementary Education, BS Nutrition end of thinking capacity again Ha-Ha.) I suggest that if your desired course is highly in-demand, put it as your 1st choice and if your next desired course is likewise, you can also choose it but chances are higher if you will be picking a not-highly-in-demand one .

c) Requirements. Make sure you completed your requirements and you have the correct ones. If unfortunately you don’t, you will be listed as pending case. Like me ☺ You have to make your Form 137 be stamped by “Certified true copy” signed by the principal. That’s my problem last year. Yes, I have been listed as pending case. Not sure if I passed or failed. I’m sure you don’t want to wait on uncertain things, aren’t you?

 3. Pray. God is real :) 

If it is for you it will be :) Do not expect but believe. That’s what I did personally. I pray to Him that if UP is for me then its for me :p Pray for a clear mind.

So long post, that’s why I decided to divide it  to 2 or 3 sections. Haha. I will be posting some more. I posted this not to brag or to boast anything. I’m posting thing because I know how it feels because I also felt it. The hybrid emotions of “What if I didn’t pass?” “What if my reviews are worthless because I didn’t pass?” 

This may be late, but HEEEEYY, it’s better to be late than NEVER. You still have less than 3 months before UPCAT :) The greatest traitor when taking up UPCAT isn’t the questions, though they are, THE PRESSURE IS :)

Jeremiah 29:11 :) 

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